We recruit and pre-select applicants for your evaluation and final selection. This is very useful and saves time when the foreign employer comes here to interview the workers as an initial screening has already been done.If for some reason the interview is physically impossible, then a telephone interview can also be arranged for this purpose.

Testing from a TESDA (Technical Skills & Development Authority), an agency under the Bangladesh Bureau of Manpower & Employment (BMET) accredited private testing centre may be undertaken. A skills evaluation certificate addresses the skills level of the applicant.

An applicant who passes the final selection shall then be issued by the foreign employer an Employment Offer subject to the acceptance of the applicant. After the applicant has accepted the Employment Offer, the applicant shall then be subjected to medical and laboratory examinations. CATHARSIS INTERNATIONAL processes all the documentary formalities with the BAIRA. At this point, the necessary visa of the applicant shall also be applied for by the foreign employer.